Presented By Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House

The Enigma Project at Hundred Acres Manor is Pittsburgh's first real-life horror escape room game where you and up to 8 others will race against the clock and attempt to escape from a locked room in 45 minutes or less!


You'll work together to solve puzzles that eventually lead you to a key to breakout of Pittsburgh's most ultimate escape room experience. Some puzzles within the escape room are easy, others will leave lost in confusion begging for a way out.


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The Enigma Project Escape Rooms

The Enigma Project located at Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House offers two horrific escape room themes  featuring multiple rooms in each for you tempt your fate within. The Enigma Project is open year-round!

Think you can escape? Good Luck.

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The Enigma Project Escape Rooms located in Pittsburgh are proudly presented by:

Our escape rooms are designed by some of the best creative teams in the haunted house industry
Hundred Acres Manor is kown as one of the best haunted houses in the united states and now features horror escape rooms