Escape Room Difficulty:

Escape Rate: 23%

Up to 8 players

45 minutes to escape

The Alchemist

Trapped in the workshop of a Renaissance era master like Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo you must solve the puzzles to escape. These Old World Science mysteries are the diabolical scheme of an Alchemist.


Other acolytes before you have left clues, journal entries and everything your group needs in order to escape. You just need to do it within 45 minutes or you will become his next subject to learn from.

Think you can escape? Good Luck.

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1. Assemble Your Team

Get up to 8 friends, co-workers or family members together and choose your date, time and which Pittsburgh escape room you would like to attempt your escape in.

Solve the clues and try to make it out before the time runs out and the alchemist returns

2. Find the Clues

Solve the puzzles  and find the clues as your time begins to tick-down. But don't worry everything you need to know to escape can be found within the rooms!

The escape room icon

3. Attempt Your Escape

Use the clues within the rooms you find to solve the game and make your escape before your time runs out! If you can make it out think of the bragging rights.

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Watch as Pittsburgh radio talent Abby from 105.9 The X and Tall Cathy from 96.1 Kiss FM attempt to breakout of the Alchemist escape room.