Escape Room Difficulty:

Escape Rate: 18%

Up to 8 players

45 minutes to escape


Can you shut down the reactor before radiation leaks?


You are an assigned NRC Investigator assigned to investigate the high radiation levels leaking from the reactor at the headquarters of FLUX Atomic Furnace, Inc.


Enter the decontamination chamber and proceed through the FLUX treatment center where the sole employee who can help you escape is laying life-less on the bed.


Save the employee and obtain the passcode to unlock the Nuclear Fission Center epicenter and shut done the core reactor before your 45 minutes run out!

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1. Assemble Your Team

Get up to 8 friends, co-workers or family members together and choose your date, time and which Pittsburgh escape room you would like to attempt your escape in.

Try to make it out of our escape rooms that test your iq and your breakout abilities

2. Find the Clues

Solve the puzzles  and find the clues as your time begins to tick-down. But don't worry everything you need to know to escape can be found within the rooms!

Do you have the iq to breakout of our rooms before the time runs out

3. Attempt Your Escape

Use the clues within the rooms you find to solve the game and make your escape before your time runs out! If you can make it out think of the bragging rights.

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Watch as radio talent from Pittsburgh's very own 100.7 Star attempt to escape from the  Meltdown escape room.